How to start off on the right foot when looking to hire employees.

The key to hiring new employees starts with preparation. In particularly, making sure you have the following in place before your employee’s first day of employment:

  • Employment agreements
  • Position descriptions
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Workers compensation insurance (such as Workcover, iCare)

Employment Agreements

It is important when hiring a new employee that you have a signed employment agreement in place that sets out the terms and conditions of the employment.

Having employment contracts in place and signed by your employees can help:

  • You both understand your employee’s rights to certain pay and conditions
  • Manage your employee’s expectations of their role
  • Protect your business through confidentiality, intellectual property and restraint of trade terms
  • Assurance regarding employer responsibility for superannuation and wages per industry awards as required.

Position Descriptions

Set the expectation of your employees from the start! Get on the front foot with position descriptions.

Position descriptions are a practical tool to help an employee understand their key responsibilities, duties, expected output, long-term objectives and reporting lines of their role. 

Workplace Policies and Procedures

Well-defined policies are important to the efficient and effective operation of your business.

Effective workplace policies and procedures help employers:

  • Communicate their values and expectations of employee behaviours and performance
  • Manage staff more effectively by clearly defining acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace
  • Set out the implications of not complying with workplace policies

Workers Compensation Insurance

Protect you and your workers by registering for workers compensation insurance.

If your business employs workers, you must insure them against work-related injury or illness. Accident insurance policy covers you and your workers if a work-related injury or illness happens.

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