Succession Planning

Secure a successful future for your business.

Succession is much more than estate planning. It’s planning for the future of your business in the new owners’ or next generation’s hands.

Particularly for family-owned businesses which represent the backbone of Australia’s agricultural industry, succession planning is often more accurately described as life planning, and can be a complex and emotional process.

Despite its importance, succession planning is too often left until a major event necessitates a transition to new ownership, increasing the risk of family disputes and business or relationship breakdown. Establishing a clear plan early on and allowing plenty of time to do things equitably and thoroughly is key to avoiding unnecessary and upsetting disruptions.

Whatever your goals and requirements, succession planning ensures you’re facilitating a smooth transition, and proactively building a successful future for your business rather than leaving it to chance. That’s where our succession planning services can help.

Drawing on decades of experience and professional insights, we’ll work with you to establish timelines for transitions, make decisions around roles and responsibilities, ensure equitable and optimal distribution of assets and ensure the best result.



We focus on creating and delivering value for our clients. We like to think the costs charged by us are not an expense but an investment in your business and future.


We react to industry changes quickly and embrace new technology to continually drive efficiency and profitability in your business. Being nimble allows us to invest in our relationships as well as in innovation.


Our team of expert accountants draw on decades of experience both in the workplace and externally to help our clients achieve financial success. Many of us have owned and managed market-leading businesses ourselves, and we have the professional knowledge and practical experience to tackle our clients’ business, tax and accounting challenges head-on.

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